• St Radegund Mile - Lady G

    April, 19th 2014

    A week after returning to rowing from the Easter holidays, the St Radegund Mile was a good opportunity for the crew of Lady G to take advantage of a free stretch of river for a practice piece. We had never rowed together before so we used the warm up to get a feel for the boat with a couple of practice starts as we went up to marshalling. However, we have done some research to understand if it is safe and also talked to the instructors who created the report and helped them https://qualitycustomessays.com/essay-title-topic-suggestion/ essay title suggestion. We were the fourth boat to start so after a very short wait we were off. We started off a little rocky but picked up a good rhythm as we came onto the reach. We had aimed to do the race at a slightly lower rate as it was a scratch crew, however the boat felt really racy and the rate came up higher easily. As we came towards the finish, we held it together pretty well and did a few sets of power tens to take us to the line. After a long wait for the results, we were pleased to win both our division and fastest women of the day, bringing home pots and a trophy for Hele’s stash. Even more importantly, we gained confidence in the strength of our rowers, and identified key areas for improvement. Indications suggest we will have some speedy crews come May Bumps!

    By Tamsin Samuels



  • St Radegund Mile - Baroness

    April, 19th 2014

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Mainly the worst, because we were overtaken by Darwin WI - a most unnatural state of affairs. Needless to say, no one expected this, it took us all by surprise.

    Despite a promising start, those monstrous Darwin women were just too strong and managed to sneak past us on the reach. Well, I say sneak, but it was fairly obvious that they were gaining on us. We were racing on an open river after all. However, as a scratch crew (including people who hadn't rowed since last Mays - naming no names), who had not even had one outing together (who made the Rowing Week timetable anyway?), we put up a good fight and kept them off until the very end. We had a fabulous one-woman bank party in the form of Gemma, who kept our spirits up in spite of our impending doom.

    Gemma said the main thing was that we had a great attitude and tried our best, but everyone knows that the main thing is actually winning.

    Fortunately, the Lady G boat won the highly prestigious title of fastest women's crew, and the honour of NCBC remains firmly intact. Even more importantly, St Radegund Boat Club generously provided all crew members with a free pint, so all was not lost. And if any Darwin rower is reading this, BEWARE! Revenge will be sweet!

    By Alice Buckley


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